Kyrgyzstan: Beauty of Central Asia

The beautiful country of Kyrgyzstan is located in the central part of Asia. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are its neighbor countries. There is situated a large country of China in the East of China. The area of this beautiful country of Kyrgyzstan is about 198.500 square kilometers. The total population of this country of Kyrgyzstan is about 1 million. This country is very much famous for its amazing hills that are very much tall and amazing to watch. There are also many beautiful lakes in this beautiful country of Kazakhstan. Many New Zealanders and other foreigners who really love the amazing mountains, rocks and beautiful lakes want to visit this beautiful country of Kyrgyzstan.

Bishkek Beautiful Capital

Kyrgyzstan has a very beautiful and amazing capital of Bishkek. It is the most important city of Kyrgyzstan. Many important government offices and other institutions are located in this large and beautiful city of Kyrgyzstan. There are very famous places in this beautiful city. This beautiful city is full of natural beauty and amazing beautiful lakes that are very much famous around the world. There are many beautiful parks in this city. It is one of the most famous cities around the world for a large number of amazing and beautiful parks. That’s why this city is full of natural beauty that enhances the glory and charm of this wonderful city. You can see the green parks, fields and rocks in the whole city of Bishkek.

The great and very large museum of Bishkek is also very much beautiful and interesting to watch. This museum is a great combination of ancient arts and local culture. This is one of the most famous places in this city. Many New Zealanders want to visit this beautiful capital of Kyrgyzstan.

Amazing Lake Bishkek

The amazing lake of Bishkek is situated in the base of a vacant drainage or gloominess and has no particular outpouring. The surroundings of this lake are really amazing and beautiful. There are all around the beautiful and huge mountains of this beautiful lake of Bishkek. It is the biggest and beautiful lake in the Kyrgyzstan. The distance of this beautiful lake is about 180 kilometers. The width of this amazing lake of Bishkek is about 70 Kilometers and 668 meters deep.

This lake is very much famous in all over the world. It is the world’s second major mountain lake of the world. If we talk about the deepness then it stands at the fifth position among the all mountain lakes of the whole world. It is also called the gem of the Tien Shan. The weather around this beautiful lake of Bishkek is really amazing and enjoyable. The night becomes very cold and cool breeze blows in the daylight. The temperature of this place remains about 20 to 30 degree in the day and around 5 degree at night. Due to all these factors, this lake really attracts the people to visit this amazing place. Many New Zealanders who really love the beautiful and amazing lakes want to visit this beautiful country of Kyrgyzstan.

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